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US Marine Corps USMC MARSOC Raider Special Operator Licensed Ring

The Ingrassia and Sons Marine Corps Raider Ring is hand made in the U.S.A .The Raider emblem is so precise and detailed it is aproved by the Marine Corps. Optional Chevrons! 10k gold Raider emblem IN PICTURE IS OPTIONAL. The first Marine corps ring in the world to be licensed by the Marine Corps!Only official Marine Corps product has a hologram!
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$299.99 excl tax

What makes our Marine Corps Ring special is the Raider emblem is painstakingly carved in metal by a craftsman that has over 50 years experience and the solid shank is hand carved in wax.. My MARINE CORPS RING is the best designed most accurate ring made in the world today.My EGA rings and pendants  has been scrutinized by the Marine Corps.The EGA is so precise and is of such high quality it is approved and licensed by the Marine Corps.We are the first jeweler to be licensed by the Marine Corps!

Solid .925 Sterling Silver! Cast from the same mold as our gold rings. Same Quality! Just in Fine .925 Sterling Silver!

Chevrons are optional!

If you are looking for the finest marine corps ring that you can buy at any price ,look no further you have found it!
Our EGA is sharper, cleaner, and more precise than any other Marine Corps Ring on the market today. The EGA Emblem is so detailed you can see the continent of America and even the state of Florida. The eagle has so much detail you can see the talons.
The rope is carved by hand  for finer detail. This bold EGA Emblem is about 18mm or about the size of a penny and is slightly arched to wrap around your finger.
Our  EGA is not distored like most rings. We do not use lapel pins to make cheap molds, nor do we glue our EGA Emblems on cheap onyx or mother of pearl which will fall apart. Our  EGA Emblem is soldered on a solid heavy hand made shank. The weight is impressive, in 14K size 10 cast weight is approx. 18 grams. We are so confident of the quality of our Marine Corps Ring we guarantee our ring for life for workmanship and material.

OFFICIAL MARINE CORPS LICENSE! No Hologram, not approved by the Marine Corps...

Semper Fi!
Made for Marines by a Submariner
Made in the United States of America