About Us

INGRASSIA AND SONS specializes in fine custom handmade jewelry for Servicemen and Women who serve to protect our land with Honor and Pride in the Military, Fire Department, and Police Department. Each piece is hand crafted for the individual customer and attention to detail is exhibited in each and every custom piece. Our skill of great attention to detail was learned and performed while serving to protect our national security in nuclear submarines.

Company History

Having served side by side with servicemen and women in the military we understand the commitment in serving our country and want every piece to commemorate your achievements. With ten years in the jewelry business INGRASSIA & SONS has become the forerunner in creative design and technical achievement with the use of extensive 3D modeling for great depth of detail in every single piece we create.

Dave Ingrassia's Bio

Hi, I am David Ingrassia founder of Ingrassia & Sons. I would like to share some of our history with you. I joined the Navy in the early eighties and volunteered for submarine duty. I earned the right to wear my dolphins on the USS Daniel Boone SSBN (629). I also served aboard the Hyman Rickover SSN (709) where I am a plank owner. Currently I am a member of the U.S. Submarine Vets, V.F.W., and American Legion.

Shortly after the first Gulf War I was interested in buying military jewelry for myself to commemorate my submarine duty. I found the choice and quality of military jewelry to be very disappointing. All I came accross were cheaply made school ring designs. I started to do some research in jewelry design and manufacturing. The detail and quality I desired was only possible by computerized assisted design. What a difference from the ordinary template rings I was finding!

I finally had the ring I wanted. Soon others saw my ring and wanted one for themselves. By word of mouth Vets, Police, and Fireman, who recognized the quality and attention to detail, asked me to create fine jewelry for them from their personal badges, breast insignias and unit patches. Without hesitation I took on the challenge of making custom jewelry as a tribute to their personal achievements.

Ingrassia and Sons Custom Crafting Ingrassia and Sons Custom Crafting Ingrassia and Sons Custom Crafting Ingrassia and Sons Custom Crafting Ingrassia and Sons Custom Crafting