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Sullivan Coat Of Arms Family Crest Rings Pendants

Family crest rings by Ingrassia & Sons Jewelers. You can design yur own ring, tie pins, pendants, or cufflinks at a reasonable price.

Examples above include a beautiful custom Coat Of Arms ring crafted by our master jeweler. The Ingrassia Ring is made out of 14K Yellow Gold.

The weight is approx. 43 grams.
The height and width is well over 3/4 of an inch.
The Coat Of Arms is designed by computer and the shank is made by hand.

The Sullivan ring is one of the most beautiful coat of arms rings that you can get anywhere. This beautiful ring depicts the Sullivan shield which the wax is created by computer. The shank is hand made by our master jeweler to custom fit the  shield. Over 70 g-color vs-1 diamonds and fine sapphires have been set by our master diamond setter.